What you should know about risk management

Risk is present everywhere and the characteristic accompanying phenomenon of the functioning of organizations in the current turbulent environment.

What is risk management?

Risk Management is an area of ​​management focused on analyzing and reducing risk, using a variety of risk prevention methods and techniques that eliminate existing or reveal future risk-increasing factors.

Risk management is a continuous, repetitive set of interrelated activities aimed at managing potential risks. This means reducing the probability of their occurrence or reducing their impact on the business. The purpose of risk management is to prevent problems or negative phenomena, to avoid crisis management, and to prevent problems.

Risk management consists of four interrelated phases ascollected.reviews claimed:

  • risk identification
  • risk assessment
  • risk management (respectively mitigation)
  • and risk monitoring.

Types of risks

There are several types of risks in different areas:

  • Economic and financial risks – includes risks affecting the economic results of the company:
    • Credit risks
    • Investment risks – estimating the profitability and reliability of an investment
    • Insurance and reinsurance risks – an estimate of the size of the risk and the probability of an insured event
  • Project risks
  • Market risks – risks associated with the success of the company in the

What You Need To Know About Being a Working Parent

Many people decide to start both family and career. We see this in profiles like Eyal Gutentag or in everyday life, talking to our friends. It can be hard to balance work and social life, and this gets much harder when it comes to raising children. Kids need a lot of attention, and sometimes a job does not leave as much time as you would like for them. With two simple concepts, you may find yourself with less stress when it comes to your family and career.


Thankfully, there are a ton of resources for this type of assistance. Your phone comes with calendar apps, or you may choose to download a To-Do list app to assist in your daily life. If you do not pay attention to where your time goes and what you are focusing on, you may find yourself stressed out over a simple fix. Think about what your family plans are and try to work them in around your work schedule. In general, your family and relationships should be more important than your job, but your job’s schedule tends to be the more rigid one.


Stay connected with your kids through their phones. If …