Adoption or Surrogacy question

Every person should make the decision only by the will and goal. The best assistance is your awareness and determination. ADONIS main goal is to provide you with the complete information needed for the right choice. 

While facing an eternal debate question – Adoption or Surrogacy – there are only two people to decide the future of your family – you and your partner. Since like adoption, surrogacy has its own benefits. 

Few simple questions to be sure of the decision. Don’t be afraid and insincere. Choose the best way of becoming parents for you! 

Adoption VS Surrogacy dispute

Some aspects should be pointed out about these two processes. Let’s figure it out together. 

Adoption – is the legal process, which is made by the adoptive parent. A child is adopted into the family as a daughter or son. The main basis for adoption is court decision, the receipt of court decision is the ultimate goal of the legal adoption process. 

Children who can be adopted are orphans; children deprived of prenatal care, children whose parents have given consent to adoption.

To sum up, Adoption means:

  • No genetic connection with the children 
  • Potential lawsuit 
  • The ultimate choice remains with the birth mother 
  • Expenses for legal forms and continued provision 

Surrogacy – is the legal process of carrying and giving birth to a child by a surrogate for other persons who will be the parents for the child after his birth. The genetic relation with at least one of the intended parents is obligatorily.  

Surrogacy it is:

  • Obligatory genetic link with the children 
  • Legal safeguards and agreements with the surrogate 
  • Closeness with the child during the whole pregnancy
  • Costs expended from the preparatory stage of Surrogacy program (both medical and non-medical), legal form expenses and continued provision 

The only right decision is yours, whatever you choose. The main thing remains constant – due to Adoption and Surrogate Programs another one child will be happy in this world.

Speaking of Surrogacy Programs, with ADONIS newest technologies your choice towards Surrogacy infertility treatment will be accepted with full support and medical care. Our Surrogacy Program is full of the most qualified services from experienced professionals, which deal with surrogacy.

Some reasons to choose ADONIS Surrogacy Program for your happiness:

  • Individual selection and screening protection 

ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base provides the special opportunity of surrogate selection depending on your own preferences. The full screening control of every surrogate (including medical, physiological, physical, background check) is made. With the help of ADONIS International Surrogacy Program, you are guaranteed to find the surrogate candidate you fit within days. 

  • The prenatal environment control

All aspects of prenatal control are specified in legal agreement with surrogate, so you can control the protection of a baby from harmful substances before and during pregnancy. 

  • Legal safeguards stability 

ADONIS ‘own legal team is always on your side. The parentage is assigned to the intended parents and any rights or obligations are removed from the gestational carrier before the child is even born. The Ukraine legislation norms of Surrogate process is stable and well regulated. 

As it was said before, the cost of Surrogacy is higher primarily because of the latest technologies and equipment used, surrogate mother services and medical assistance performed. But it provides the widest range of strengths among which are your full control and confidence in the total health of your future baby, genetic link, legal safeguards and more. 

With ADONIS Surrogate Programs we provide the most affordable costs on the market. The highest quality together with the best prices – our best care of our clients!

The question Adoption or Surrogacy is really sophisticated. Make your own choice for happiness. 

ADONIS is always ready to help!