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When to Call an Emergency Dentist Dental emergencies are not really very common when they happen, you need to know what to do and who to call. This requires you to be knowledgeable of the types of dental emergencies and which one will require the most urgent care. Eventually you will need to call an emergency dentist. Luckily, there is at least one Haymarket dentist who caters to emergency dental situations. Moving on, the next paragraph talks about examples of dental emergencies. The examples listed are the ones that require urgent treatment. The first is what most people would experience at one point in their lives. It is commonly known as persistent toothache, otherwise called periapical periodontitis. It is the type of toothache that happens at any time on one particular area, which becomes more painful when the person chews something. Even worse, the gum area might become infected and as pus accumulates, the patient’s cheek could swell. What makes this a dental emergency? It is an emergency because the suffering person will need pain relief immediately, not to mention the antibiotics that he may start to take if the gums are infected.
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The next example is trauma and when there is bleeding. It is normal for the tooth socket to bleed when a tooth is removed or falls on its own. Normally, it will bleed for a couple of minutes and will cease on its own. However, when there is trauma involved, there could be severe bleeding. If you do not take this to a dentist, there could be more problems very soon. A Haymarket dentist that specializes in these cases can help when this happens. The dentist will stop the bleeding. It is standard protocol for the doctor to first use pressure to stop the bleeding. In more severe cases, the dentist might use an antihemorrhagic drug. The dentist might resort to suturing if the two first methods would not stop the bleeding.
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Third example is a fracture teeth. A fractured teeth, especially the one that goes down to gums, need attention because it can lead to infection and a lot of pain. In case of a fractured tooth, you need to see a dentist in 24 hours. One should keep in mind that not all clinics respond to emergency dental cases. You should already check if a clinic or a Haymarket dentist offers services that involve emergency situations. It is important that during an emergency dental situation you have the right number or the right person to call. You are more confident when you have healthy teeth there for you should take good care of your teeth and give it immediate attention when necessary. If you need a dentist in Haymarket, VA, do not hesitate to call or check this out.