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Why You Need To Hire a Real Estate Title Company For the people that are used to buying houses, they are already familiar with the role of a real estate title company. What these companies really do may not be familiar with the people that are first-time house buyers. There is a lot of things that a real estate title company may be able to do for you and that is what we will be talking about in this article. The facilitating and closing of a sale of a real estate property can be assisted by a real estate title company. It is during the closing that they will make sure that there is a seamless transfer of interests, ownership, and funds. It is the real estate title company that will represent a neutral ground so the actual closing of the deal should not happen on their turf. Aside from facilitating, it is also these companies that conduct a detailed search regarding the public records that the property that is for sale have. It is this kind of process that is called as a public search or examination. It is by doing this one that they will be able to verify that the property is legally available. Avoidance of things like liens, encumbrances, easements or judgments against it can be done once this process has been carried out.
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Anther thing that the real estate title company will also be able to do is that they will be able to provide a title insurance. The moment that there will be a title insurance, then the new owner will be protected against any claims or any negative activities that the previous owners have done with the said property. It is this one that will have two different policies. It is the Lenders Policy that is the one that will make sure that the new owner and the mortgage lender will be protected against financial loss as well as provide a payment for the legal cost that may incur from problems with the title. The other type is the Title Insurance which is basically paid during the closing.
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The job of a real estate title company is to make sure that they will be impartial to everyone involved in the whole transaction. Having no persona interest is one of the most important things that a real estate title company must do. It when these companies will have impartiality that the right and legitimate title search will be conducted. Getting the same treatments is what the parties that are involved get when there is impartiality. It is the title agents that will also make sure that all of the paperwork will be taken care of. The exchange fi money is not yet possible until all of the paperwork have been signed by all of the parties and that is what a title agent will make sure of.