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Understanding The Different Types Of Residential Doors There are a number of different purposes for a residential door and they are not only used to give you safety and security. It is also used for protection against the different elements. Providing additional light is also another function of the residential door. Commonly, a basic door will be made of different materials that are mostly secured by hinges. It si the latching and handles that is considered as the basic features of a regular door that you see today. That is why if you are looking for a residential door, then ti is important that you will be doing your research first. It is by having the right information that you will be able to buy the door that will be able to provide the needs that you have. It is in this article that we will be talking about the different residential doors that you will see in the market. The first type of residential door is the garage door. The main purpose if these doors is to provide shelter to your vehicle. There are now a number of different functions that the garage door can give you. It is just recently that these doors are now being used as an entryway, a storage and there are also some that can even improve the appeal that your house has. Since a garage takes a lot of space on your property, then having a good-looking garage door would be perfect. Another type of residential door is the storm door. It is this kind of door that is placed in front of your main exterior door. It is these doors that protect the main door from the harsh elements. Visibility will not be a problem with these doors as they have interchangeable glass and window screen panels. They also do come in different kinds if materials.
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The patio door is another type of residential door. It is the patio door that provides the additional light and ventilation to your house. Kit is these doors that are made from solid panels of glass. The attachment of the glass are from the metal frames of the door. It is by putting curtains or blinds on them that you will be able to add accent to your patio door.
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Another type of residential door is the front door. The forts thing that people will see on your house ifs the front door. It is what that gives them their first impression. These doors has different designs and features.