Seven Questions to Consider Before Renting an Event Space

Renting an event space can be an extremely daunting task. Depending on the event being planned, event venues are sometimes difficult to find, review, and rent. Many event planners find themselves burned by a number of factors, including the inability to match specific event needs with local event space rentals, a lack of reputable event space rentals in the area, and a lack of an appropriate amount of time to make an informed decision. If you find yourself in this situation, here are 10 important questions to consider before committing to an event space rental. These questions will help you to make an informed decision quickly to save time and effort!

Are online and in person references available?

Rental events spaces that are difficult to vet are highly suspicious. It is best to choose a rental space that has received a wealth of both personal and online reviews in order to best determine the company’s ability to provide quality service.

Research the company’s history and client relationships.

Although you may assume that the company’s history and client relationships can be gathered through independent company reviews, it is important go a step further to ascertain whether or not the company has a consistent history of positive results. In an age where false reviews are prevalent, company history reports can be the difference between a good and bad rental experience.

Consider whether or not your event requires very specific services.

Events like weddings often require specifications that only wedding rental companies provide. Before renting a facility, be sure that your rental event space is able to handle any minor occurrences that may arise during the event planning.

Will you need help to set up the event on the assigned day or weekend?

It is always wise to consider whether or not you will require the event rental company’s services in setting up, completing, and taking down the event. Because all rental event spaces do not offer these services, it is important to determine whether or not your event can be conducted without these services.

What sort of cancellation policy would best suit your needs?

When booking an event space it is vital to consider the cancellation policy and how that policy will affect you in the unlikely event that the event must be cancelled. Matching your needs with the event rental’s policy can save you hundreds of dollars in the event of an emergency.

What sort of insurance policy would best suit your needs?

Similarly to a consideration of a cancellation policy, it is also helpful to consider the insurance policy of a rental and how they can vary from state to state. When seeking private party room venues in Seattle, for instance, insurance policies are likely limited to personal liability.

What contingency methods will be useful?
Finally, research contingency plans that will be helpful in the case that the event must be cancelled. This will safeguard the event and the finances associated with it.