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Public WiFi Dangers Can Be Avoided with Cyber Security

Businesses are more vulnerable to hacking than individuals because the data they store on their computers and network is more valuable. When an individual computer is compromised, the hacker might be able to get access to one or two credit cards. When a retailer’s computer network is compromised, thousands of people might lose their private information. Consumers trust the companies they do business with to protect the information they have about them and companies owe it to the consumers to do everything possible to keep it secure.

Every company that collects consumer data should know the public wifi dangers and take steps to ensure employees don’t need to use it. Although it might be impossible to do business without the Internet today, companies do not need to open themselves up to security threats. Before taking the first credit card sale, a business should make sure its Internet security is in place. This means setting up a secure private cloud to encrypt and store data and military-grade access protocols to ensure only authorized users are able to access the data.

Retail companies are most profitable when they focus on their products and customer service. Instead of adding an Internet security department to the company, savvy business owners contract with a company that specializes in cyber security so they can focus on what they do best. By using this method instead of handling security in-house, retailers can be sure their customers get the highest level of security and the company gets the best return on investment. Because these specialists understand all that’s necessary to secure a business’s data and always stays up-to-date on new industry problems and solutions, this is the ideal method for a small business to handle cyber security.

Salespeople often need to access the Internet on the go. They need to know their clients and potential clients’ information is safe whether they are in the office or on the road. The only way to assure this is to use a secure connection. Public wifi might be convenient but it isn’t safe and using it could put businesses and their customers at risk of data theft.