Possible Reasons your Employees are not Motivated to Work Effectively and Efficiently

Every organization that desires to achieve its primary purpose of existence must strive to improve on the welfare of its employees. Employees are like the engine that keeps the complete body moving. They comprise several individuals with different professional skills. Find a list of both small and large companies at US-reviews.com.

Organizations, most times, feel that after paying salaries to their employees, owe them nothing again.

Though they get paid for their services, employees need certain things and/or situations to help them function effectively and efficiently at their jobs. And every employer should know what these things and/or situations are to help get the best out of their workers. A lack of these situations or things could dampen the spirits of the employees, which will affect their overall performance at work. If employee morale is low, it affects the effectiveness and efficiency of workers.

Here are some reasons employees are not motivated to work effectively and efficiently.

1. Low pay

Any employer that pays stipends to its employees won’t get the best of them. The employees could equate their salaries to the level of job they would do. This determines how much work they will do and how well they do it.

2. Lack of Promotion and Recognition

Employees regard a promotion as an improvement in their capacity as a functional member of an organization. A promotion shows to their colleagues and those around them how efficient and effective they are. An employee denied promotion for long or that has never received a promotion, could reduce his level of effectiveness and efficiency at work.

3. Absence of Tools for the Job

Imagine a doctor working at a hospital with no medical equipment to work with. Every employer must provide the required tools that employees can use on the job. A lack of or not enough tools could demotivate employees from working as they should on the job.

4. No Affirmation for Work Done

Most employers don’t know how praising and affirming employees’ work goes a long way in motivating them to work more. Commending an employee for a job well done no matter the size encourages employees to work better.

5. An Unpleasant Environment

Nobody wants to stay in an unpleasant place. Employers should endeavor to make the working environment as conducive as possible for the employees. Making workers stay in offices with no adequate ventilation or poor lighting is wrong. The heat and poor lighting affect their performance on the job. This could make them lose interest in the job and decide to do it as they like, which affects their effectiveness and efficiency. Let’s see office services companies as an example. Most offices require much light for doing a lot of paperwork. Inadequate lighting will affect their work.

6. Issue Among Co-Workers

This is an area employers should pay more attention to. An embittered, disgruntled employee can start attacking other workers. It could be physical or psychological, ranging from snide remarks to open insults or physical contact. The victim would either fight back or withdraw. In either case, it will affect the work of both the attacker and the victim. An employer should ensure that peace reigns among the workers and strive to make peace as quickly as possible.