How makes money is a caring company that offers customers, particularly family members, help to get over the various challenges they face when it comes to caring for ageing loved ones. They do not play with the value that their customers place on them, most notably in terms of senior care products and services. More so, they are transparent about how they make their money to pay for the free information and resources they give to customers.

Their transparency is handled in a unique way such that they only make their money from referrals to senior care communities, online advertisements, affiliate links, home care agencies, and other sponsorships. The money they get from all these explained sources gives them the strength and ability to expand their services to a range of caregiving resources to users. This service includes a lot, but one of the sources where they invest their money is local directories of senior care services, all for free. Without taking so much time, we shall be explaining how they go about these services one after the other.

Senior care referrals

One of the best services that provide to the public is senior care referral services, managed by a professional team in their company, who are family advisors. They go as far as making their phone lines available so that people can reach them quickly and book an appointment with them. They also provide a comprehensive and public-facing directory of senior living and care service providers and at the same time. Their mode of operation is perfect, for example, if a customer speaks with any of their family advisors. The advisor will take time to understand their complex needs and see how he/she will match you with a senior care and health insurance provider in your area that best fits those needs. Most of the time, this referrals will eventually pay referral fee mostly when a family request for their service or moves into a senior living community. Other providers make their payment when they connect advisors to them without necessarily considering whether you hire them or start care.

Advertisements, Affiliate/Product Partnerships, and Sponsorships

If you create time to visit their website, there are possibilities that you may come across ads there, links to purchase products and some other means of advertisements. If you click on any of the sponsored links or you, contact them directly to get one information or the other from them. That is one of the means they use to make money which may not be apparent to the public. If at the same time, you have signed up with them so that you can be receiving regular emails from them. They will be sending you daily updates that will possibly come with advertisement banners if you click on those banners, which is another means to show that they will make money in the process.