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Fun Whiteboard Games to Play

Whiteboards are now widely used for a variety of reasons. They are portable and add many more visual options to any presentation than a chalkboard. But, did you know there are many games to play on a whiteboard? Here are suggestions that allow a whiteboard to become fun as well as entertaining.

Classroom Games

* HOT SEAT – Place a chair in front of but facing away from the whiteboard and ask a student to come up and sit in the “hot seat”. Write a word on the board that describes a movie, book, animal, place, or object. Clues are given to the person in the hot seat, so they can guess the word written on the board.

* HANGMAN – Divide the group into two teams. The teacher selects a word with the same number of letters for each team. She then draws a horizontal line in a row on the whiteboard for each letter in the word. The teams rotate calling out a letter for their word. If the letter is in the word, it is placed in the proper blank. If not, the teacher starts drawing a hangman. The team that fills in the blanks and guesses the
word first wins.

* SUCTION BALL DARTS – Divide the students into teams. On the whiteboard, draw a bullseye of several rings, giving the space between each ring a numerical value. Using suction balls, each team earns points when throwing the suction ball at the bullseye according to where it lands. Both team members get one or two throws and the highest number of accumulated points wins.

Whiteboard Car Games

DOODLE ART – Using a handheld whiteboard and several colored dry erase markers, one person starts by drawing a line or a squiggle. They then pass the whiteboard and markers to the next person to add another line or squiggle. This continues until the group art is declared finished.

TIC-TAC-TOE – is a classic game that is usually played between two people. Create a four-line crosshatch grid on your handheld whiteboard. Let each person choose a dry color marker. Decide who is using X’s and O’s. Try to stop your opponent from getting three in a row in any direction.

ROADSIDE TALLY – is a game where roadside items are to be decided and counted. These items can be listed on the whiteboard and then counted during the trip. Road signs, animals, semi-trucks, makes of cars, and state license tags are just a few ideas to count.

Work Whiteboard Games

PICTIONARY – This is a great icebreaker game. Taking turns, each person draws a picture of a word chosen from a pulled card. They make a drawing of the word on the whiteboard for others to guess what the word is from the drawing. The winner gets to draw the next card.

GIVE THEM A HAND – When everyone walks into the room, give them a number and a marker. With the whiteboard turned away from the room, have each person outline their hand with a marker and place the number in the palm area. Once they are seated, turn the board around, have everyone hold up their hand, anyone can call the number in a hand on the board, and guess whose hand it is.