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Case Study: My Experience With Sports

The Game of Golf as a Sport For quite some time now, there have been strong arguments if the game of golf should be considered as a sport. Mentality of many individuals have been for a while now as they refer this game as the game for the rich people who they say have the cash to throw away. This was a case back then when it was introduced. Golf has had many reasons as to why it is a sport, reasons that are good when it comes to the arguments. Difficulty. A sport is an activity that is considered to be difficult and challenging for its participants. The participants should be in their daily training routine to be perfect in the sport they are involved, and golf is considered a sport as it is challenging as well. People mistake this type of game as just hitting up the golf ball with a stick, as easy as that. To prove how difficult playing golf can be, there are competition which have been introduced and for one to emerge as a winner they will have to be good in the game.
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Physical fitness Most game players are usually physically fit. Golf just like any other sport, it requires total physical fitness of the player. Being fit for a player comes in handy when it comes to hitting the golf ball where power and agility is needed.
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Skill Playing golf is not an easy thing that anyone can do, apart from one being physically fit, one has to have the necessary skills needed in playing golf. It requires a unique skill and great amount of coordination that is added to the skill to perfect it. a sufficient proof where golf skills can make golf playing be called a sport is during the golf competitions held where special skills are one of the determinants for one to be at the top of the contest. Payment Being a golf player is currently being considered as a top profession. It has managed to produce some of the top richest people in the world. Introduction of funding sources such as the international world tours and sponsorships in this type of game it has given people the benefit of the doubt to consider this kind of game as a sport. Widespread Golf popularity has spread over time now. A vast improvement in this game has made this game to be successful in capturing more players to it. Over time, golf has had a good experience in most of the world populations where competitions are held, and people attend from different parts of the country as players to experience more of this incredible game. With this, it is safe to say that is can be categorized as a sport.