Are There Qualifications Needed To Teach Food Cooking In The UK?

A lot of people have a passion for both cooking and teaching. They have thought about sharing their culinary skills with cooking enthusiasts, those in the industry and aspiring chefs in cooking tutorials or private lessons, but the only thing beating them down is the question; what qualifications do I need to teach food cooking?

Well, here’s good news for you. Cooking enthusiasts on highlighted that you don’t need to have any qualification, degrees or diploma, you don’t even need to have a mastery in culinary arts if you want to become a teacher. As long as you have a knowledge of this subject, driven purpose, and you enjoy cooking, you’re good to go!

With that out of the way, if you have decided to finally put your thoughts down in reality, This is how to start up your own cooking class business;

·       Decide On What Type Of Class You Would Be Running

Your success when it comes to taking cooking classes depends on what type of cooking you do and what your students say about you. So, just like every firm in the food and drink industry would strictly select the brands they want to sell, you need to  also decide on what kind of class you want to make by thinking thoroughly about what cuisine you would be focusing on; Chinese, British, what exactly do you want to specialize in, would you be taking general classes, technical cooking classes (classes on advanced cooking techniques) or classes focusing on cooking certain dishes (like cooking for a certain dietary)? These can be quite difficult deciding but being clear about how you want people to see your cooking makes your cooking distinct. This way your differences become your strength. So think long about them.

·       Set Up Your Budget

Draw out the amount you can invest as well as the possible cost of all expenses. Ensure you give your classes suitable prices. This is  so that it would cover labor, food and other expenses.

·       Permits And Licenses

You need to find out if you would be needing a permit to run your own cooking classes or not. If you would need to, then obtain a legal document which will validate your business. This is advisable to be carried out from the onset seeing as this process most times can be slow.

·       Make Your Research

This is essential for every business including cooking classes. The first good step to carry out is, you need to learn about how to carry out the day-to-day operations of your business. You need to inquire about the appropriate facilities, equipment and safety requirements to be carried out. While at it, devote time to understand the application of these regulations in diverse environments. Also make proper research into the present market demands and get updated on new skills that customers in your jurisdiction want to learn.

·       Set Clear Goals And Objectives

This is the part where you define your goals and objectives. Since you now have an idea of what it takes to start an online class, you need to put your pen on some things. Define your short and long term goals. Decide if this would be a full time job or not, how much do you expect to earn, what do you need to do to meet these expectations?

Setting your goals would help you prepare for the challenges that come with his business.

·       Pick Out A Suitable Facility

Are you buying a fully equipped  commercial kitchen of your own or renting a space? These would all be determined by the budget drawn from the onset.

You can choose to consider other cheaper options like using a school’s kitchen, a workshop or  even your home. Using your home is even cheaper especially when you will be strictly preparing home and traditional meals. All the same, your budget plays the bigger role I’m this decision.

·       Start Marketing And Running Promotions

In order to achieve a constant stream of students, this is the most essential. Build engaging websites full of images of appealing and mouth watering meals and dishes made by you. You can also create contents on social platforms in form of video, explaining how beneficial your tutorials are to your viewers. You can run ads online and offline. Run free events to demonstrate your culinary skills and also attract interested students. Just do everything that helps showcase your business out there, this way you create awareness to people and tell people what they will enjoy if they attend your classes.


Setting up a successful cooking class business requires a thoughtful plan, clear structured goals and some keen considerations. But your ability to be different from other tutors and make your class fun, would determine whether you and your student would have the best experience in the long run.