10 Basic Steps for Planning the Wedding You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Many brides dream of their wedding for a large portion of their lives. Even when that’s the case, it can be difficult knowing where to begin once you finally have an engagement and the big day looming over the horizon. It doesn’t matter if your heart is already set on a summer wedding in a romantic wedding marquee and a specific gown designer already in mind – or completely lost; you’re going to have a lot of planning ahead! So, where do you start?

1 – Set Your Date

This is the number one way of getting started with your planning. It will help a direction start to formulate. For instance, the time of year will greatly dictate the venue possibilities as well as whom you might be able to invite. You can start finding out the availability of particular locations, vendors, bands, photographers and DJs as well. It really all begins by setting the date and working outwards from there. Nothing can be settled on until the date is fully secured.

2 – Choose the Colours

Another important decision that must be made as early as possible relates to your wedding’s basic colour theme. Everything from the bridal party gowns to the invites and flowers will have to tie in, so you should make up your mind about it as soon as you can. If you’re having trouble, use the date to establish the best corresponding colour. For instance, spring and summer weddings work well with Caribbean style palettes with pale greens and blues. In the fall and winter, you need to go a bit deeper with greens or a bit of dark red and grey. Of course, there’s plenty of room to experiment a bit. Even beige and cream might work wonders. It really depends on the atmosphere you hope to set and whatever your personal taste may be.

3 – Establish the Overall Atmosphere You Want

Next up, you need to decide the overall mood that you want to present with the wedding. Are you thinking modern? Or does traditional suit your taste better? Do you want to emphasise a feeling of romance or fun? You can even dip into vintage sensibilities. There are a tonne of possibilities, but it’s important to settle on one rather than leaving it up in the air.

4 – The Environment

You also need to have a venue style in mind. Think of the basic mood that comes to mind when imagining you and your fiance together. The venue should ideally reflect you as a couple. There are a lot of choices here as well, including outdoor beaches and vineyards, or indoor ballrooms. It goes on and on. Just do a basic “best wedding venue” web search for more ideas and something will click soon enough!

5 – Your Gown

Once you have all of the above in mind, you should be able to determine what kind of gown you want. From there, it’s as simple as going shopping for it! It may take some time to find the perfect dress that looks exactly the way you want, so don’t leave it up to the last minute! One of the best trends right now is to go for a dress with a low back, accentuated with long necklaces in front. It’s all up to your taste however!

6 – Make a Beauty Plan

After choosing your dress, you need to determine what you want your hair and makeup to look like. You might want to consult with a stylist or makeup artist. You can bounce ideas off of friends and family but you may end up feeling the need to make everyone else happy rather than yourself. An impartial third party is often best. Make sure you also think about all of the smaller details like having your teeth whitened, eyebrows perfectly refined and so on. You might even want to go ahead and get special treatments like a teeth alignment if you’ve been putting it off. This is your special day after all, so you may as well go all out if you have the means.

7 – Send Traditional Invitations

Sending invitations by mail will always feel more personable and it’s incredibly classy. You may be tempted to save money by doing it via e-mail but it just doesn’t feel as special. You should do the same for your thank-you notes as well!

8 – Find a Great Photographer

Every wedding needs a photographer to help you commemorate the special day for many years to come. These days, casual photos with a less formal atmosphere have come into favour. You can easily capture every aspect of the day this way. Closer shots capturing everyone around in the moment have also become popular. However, you have plenty of options to choose from. Make sure to look at as many samples as you can before hiring anyone.

9 – The Entertainment

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the entertainment! While the day is yours, you do have to make sure everyone you invite is being entertained enough to enjoy themselves. Everyone will be able to let loose a bit with a great band or DJ setting the mood and you might want to consider the likes of photo booths or games as well.

10 – Get Help!

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You might even want to hire a separate wedding planner. Weddings are a lot of work, so there’s no harm in having some assistance. It’s actually one of the best possible decisions you can make!